Navajo Police: Class 57

Navajo Police: Class 57Navajo Police: Class 57 | © HBO Documentary Films

Navajo Police: Class 57

TV Series

Directed by
Kahlil Hudson, Alex Jablonski, David Nordstrom

Executive Producers
Kahlil Hudson, Alex Jablonski, Blackhorse Lowe, David Nordstrom, Myles Estey, Nicole Stott, Jonathan Silberberg, Davis Guggenheim, Laurene Powell Jobs

Premiere Date
October 17 at 9 PM

“Class 57: Navajo Police” is a three-part documentary series that chronicles the journey of a cohort of trainees as they navigate the challenges of the Navajo Police Training Academy and subsequently face the realities of law enforcement in their community. Amidst the backdrop of increasing crime rates and long-standing neglect, they strive to maintain the cohesion of their community. The demands are intense, and the outcome is of utmost importance, as the prosperity of the Navajo Nation is closely tied to the academy’s effectiveness.

Streaming Platform
HBO, Max

Production Company
Concordia Studio
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