Scavengers Reign

Scavengers ReignScavengers Reign | © Green Street Pictures & HBO Max

Scavengers Reign

TV Series

Wunmi Mosaku, Alia Shawkat, Sunita Mani

Country of Origin
United States


Also Known As
Царство падальщиков

Production Companies
Green Street Pictures, HBO Max, Titmouse

Episode Runtime
24 minutes

October 19, 2023 – Present

“Scavengers Reign” is a surreal sci-fi animated series. Stranded on an alluring yet merciless alien planet, the remaining crew of a wrecked interstellar freighter battles to survive. As they seek their ship and lost comrades, the alien terrain unveils its inhospitable nature, unmarred by human touch.

Available On
Amazon Prime Video, Max

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